Picklehigh was born into the HIGH Brands™ family. Waterhigh® and Mountainhigh™ Apparel celebrate the highs we experience in nature.  Picklehigh is a lifestyle brand celebrating all the highs experienced with the fastest growing sport in America.  We are beachgoers, painters, designers, winemakers, lakers, hikers, skiers, campers—and for only the past year blossoming as—Pickleballers! 

Our goal is to become the nation's #1 complete pickleball lifestyle brand—apparel, accessories, graphic tees, paddles and gifts.

 "The first time I played it was with a small group of beginners last summer. After we finished I remember everyone walking off the court commenting on how addicting pickleball is.  That's when it occurred to me that pickleball needs to become a part of our business."

—David Randall, Founder & President HIGH Brands™

We will always be testing and adding new garments, designs and accessories to fuel your pickle addiction.  Your ideas are ALWAYS welcome.  

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